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1. Wigs can be classified as Human hair wigs and Synthetic wigs according to hair material.

Human hair wigs is made of Human hair, including Human Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs, the price is expensive, and custom-made wigs price is more expensive, stars usually wear tailor-made human hair wigs. Human hair wigs will show a natural shadow and luster. Human hair source is cut off from the donor head, or some private acquisitions, In my childhood, new eyes witnessed my sister to sell a bunch of wigs, also worth a lot of money, I feel very envious, the hair can sell for money, but hair is so long to stay for a long time, a little pity. Human hair which unprocessed natural black color is the best, can be dyed into different colors and easier to shape. Some advanced human hair wigs in the appearance, feel, color, sag, etc. are not inferior to real hair.

Synthetic wigs the worse quality of the wig is stronger reflection which is judging from the appearance of a good or bad wig basis. Synthetic wigs price difference is because the quality of good or bad including the different hair material and the quality of workmanship differences, as well as the similarity of hair, are the reasons for the price level is different.

There are many different materials that can be used to made wigs. In ancient times, wigs were made from genuine hair, and some made with silk mixed. The higher the proportion of human hair, much expensive, and more advanced. Modern wigs in addition to the traditional natural materials, there are a number of chemical fibers such as nylon, glass fiber, rayon and other materials. Because synthetic hair styling treatment, so you can comb brush, you can spray on the hair gel, relatively easy to take care of. Of course, some are real hair and artificial hair mixed.

2. Wigs can be classified as fashion wigs and medical wigs according to use

Fashion wig the hair styled is preferred, generally more suitable for white hair, or the customers who often transform the hair styled. Fashion wigs Many customers seeking hair fashion, changeable, more style, suitable for different occasions.Wear fashion wig, to fixed their hair, so the cap is usually bigger than their head around 1-2cm is more fit. Fashion wig must a lot of styled is to match different occasions, so wigs wear time is not too long, if it is long-term wear, it is recommended to choose a better hand-weaving process wigs.

Medical wigs are generally applied to the head surgery, or hair loss after chemotherapy customers, the requirements of many customers wigs first comfortable and healthy, because the net bottom and direct contact with the scalp, so the use of wig fabrics more harsh, soft The material is more suitable for contact with the skin, without causing swelling, and allergies. Good permeability, contribute to the recovery of the wound, head pores can breathe freely, refreshing. After wearing have a good stability, health, fidelity, higher requirements, and more care about whether others can see is a wig, so realistic requirements higher. The hairline position is often scalp or hand-needle process.