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Lace Closure

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Total 26 Items 1 Pages

Lace closure are head top hair extensions in which single hair strands are hand-tied onto a piece of swiss lace, france lace or mix mesh, we just use swiss lace, normal lace closures have a longer lifespan than silk lace, however you must handle closure carefully, every trace, every strand hair is individually into the lace base, knotted and secured with a strong adhesive, you should gently comb the hair from the hair ends, up to the closure hair root. Hair loss on closures is easier than others because it is not like hair weave extensions have double machine weft. Lace closure applicable to customers who head top hair a bit less, closure function is to allow the wearer to have a full natural hairline sew, and closures can be used effectively to prevent occurrences like some weft tend to reveal breakage, thinned edges. When the closure is attached to your hair weave, you can part the closure in anywhere. Lace closure is not big like Lace frontal run ear to ear, lace closure is smaller, function is close of an install, closure usually cover a we called "horseshoe" size portion at the head top or front of an install for perfect presentation.