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Ombre Hair

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Love the individuality ombre hair of the red, green, pink, yellow and more color, dye perfect successful rate is very low, and bright hair colors are easy to fade, when hair grows up long have to dyeing root of hair again, it hurt hairs and not healthy. Envy other people's elegant hair, my hair is very short, to up long hair at least a year or two. Also once hair grow up long easy to dry fork, go to the barber shop make ombre color hair style, but hair is destroyed if dyeing more tones colors.

Star styles, variety modeling, long hair or short, curly or straight, black, red or yellow, ombre hair, color hair arbitrary change, how to do it?

In fact, these problems, ombre hair wigs can help you solve, ombre hair is darker hair color on the root and lighter color at the ends of the hair or from shallow to deep color, from one color tone to another tone perfectly, full mysterious romantic atmosphere. At imWigs.com you can found omber wigs made by omber hair, lace hair net, more light and breathable, wearing full comfortable, no shedding, tangle free, the biggest difference between the characteristics of other wigs are matte texture, in the light does not appear under a large area of ​​anti-white high light, looks natural hair luster. Ombre hair install to your wigs, you don't dyeing hair, and still keep your own hair natural and healthy, don't hurt your hair, do not have trouble with care, you can use to adapt to different occasions.